Poems from my dear friend Flavio Kern

Deviant Art & Renderosity




A gentle moment
What was lost
In candor look sweet
Woman once there had been

Mystique part of nature
He carried the seduction
The charm of love
I drunk the soul

Pictures left in memory
Whose like wildflowers
Wish my being drunk
He carried me into yourself

You lose the charm
From the sublime magic
complicity between
Man and woman
In this lost



Just She

Bloom my smile
The tear that viera
Sorrows in vain
The night solitude

Between thoughts
Of the lives that pass
As light dreams

But the paths lead me
The memories bring me
Love cherishes
Because the brightness of life is
Just she



In love

You may want to avoid
Afraid that some pain will come
But there is no escape possible
When the hearts of passion fall

They surround us, they tighten
Singilam our dementia
They rob us of our reason

The chest is throbbing
The tremendous body
In a mixture of desires
and feelings
that raise my soul
Giving me the beloved

Always a reason to live
The beginning and the end
Being able to feel
Both of us
In love.



Tears and Angels

Sometimes in the night the helplessness

of the afflicted dust lost in the past broken dreams


Mirasse in solitude the warm star

who lost in the universe speech and comforts me


Without knowing why heart questions

sonorous voice that speaks to me

in the lost world


So now I know my tears shall roll on the earth

It is from born angels.




As if it had been perfect
His distant gaze

Inebriated by his naked body
Contained in the exstasy of love

However much it might be
The feeling that embraces me

As if it were freedom
Of life that comes out
Netes magic charms

Fully lost in passion
Of the caresses always remembered
Who make gardens of the past

As if they were roses at birth
You take me in your charm
Sensitive and unprotected
In this moment of seduction.



Another Lullaby

It was like the time to pass
Without wanting or saying anything
Behind this window

Lost in my look
The sky was filled with nostalgia.
Who left?

Leaving this empty
That in my heart existed

I have left the lullaby
Of the memories lived

On the road of your affection
In the arms of your love.




How life goes by
In unlikely moments
To be consumed

How the cigarette access
And it rolls in the mind memories

From past
From moments not lived
Which brings me to this place.

It consumes me this inertia
That made me reasons once

What is made meaningless now
Because of love


My heart still beats
By desire my body still burns.




Why walked the soul
Of those who wanted to fly
In sparse memories.

Old dreams
I'm going to the same pool
Bathe in the tenuous images

That take my mind away
Undressing my soul

As if lost
Of tears that do not run
Like the rays of the sky

Shining in your beauty
I look the way forward

I feel free
Because the roads I've been through
I'm already here.





It could be
In the silence that makes me
anonymous lost

without knowing the emotions
what does your body carry
feeling this empty
in the memory of your image

That took me through life.
to feelings
that guided my course
between nature and night

lurk your simple
request for silence
for the life that remains
in the waters of love.




Softness went into the air
Turned the room
came into me


So I saw you like this
With light shading
Your body reflects


Just like violins playing
This music that makes me drunk

How I wish for you
They are violins orchestrating
Photos of you

Who dance in my being
That you very much believe.



Obrigado Flavio por me deixar compartilhar

alguns de seus belos poemas aqui na minha pagina inicial privada!

Thank you dear Flavio for letting me share some of your

 beautiful poems here on my homepage!


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