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Memory, Poem- and 3d-Graphicpage

I wrote your names in the sky, but the

wind blew them away.

I wrote your names in the sand, but the

waves washed them away.

I wrote your names in my heart,

and forever they will stay.

(Jessica Blade)

This Site was built by me

in loving Memory for my beloved children

Diana and Steve

Tears and Angels

Sometimes in the night the helplessness

of the afflicted dust lost in the past broken dreams...

Mirasse in solitude the warm star
who lost in the universe speech and comforts me...

Without knowing why heart questions

sonorous voice that speaks to me

in the lost world...

So now I know my tears shall roll on the earth

It is from born angels...


 (By Flavio Kern - DeviantArt)


It's not what you look at that matters, it's

what you see.....!

(By Henry David Thoreau)




When you feel sad, just look up

 to the sky, then you will see that every dark

 cloud is passing by.



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I wander'd lonely as a cloud that floats

on high over vales and hills when all at once I

saw a forrest flowers, herald of spring

beside the lake, beneath the trees, fluttering

 and dancing in the breeze in the mist, sun ray

 has broken the silence...

 It's you, skylark, who shakes the tremulous

dew adventurous, I step down from sky, and,

 as I feasted on the morning fragrancy,

I ponder, strolling with the company

 of fantasy...

(Poem from John Keats)

I wish you a wonderful Summertime and

I thank you all for your Votings.

Vi ringrazio per tutti i vostri Votazioni!



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