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 Memory, Poem- and 3d-Graphicpage

This Site was built by me

in loving Memory for my beloved children

~ Diana and Steve ~

It's also a Dedication to an amazing digital artist

and a lovely friend from DeviantArt,

 namely to dear Cindy Grundsten

 from beautiful Schweden.

Tears and Angels

Sometimes in the night the helplessness

of the afflicted dust lost in the past broken dreams...

Mirasse in solitude the warm star
who lost in the universe speech and comforts me...

Without knowing why heart questions

sonorous voice that speaks to me

in the lost world...

So now I know my tears shall roll on the earth

It is from born angels...


 ~ Flavio Kern (DeviantArt) ~

"No one sees the garden as vividly,

 or cares about it as passionately, as a little child

who grows up in it."

~ Carol Williams ~

It's not what you look at that matters, it's

just what you see!

~ Henry D. Thoreau ~

Herzlichen Dank meine liebe Tina

When you feel sad,

 just look up to the sky, then you will see that

 every dark cloud is passing by.

 ~ TinaH. ~

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