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I am a real Aries


My name is René,i was born in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg ,

on april the 3rd.1955.

For health reasons we (my wife and me) moved to spain in 1997, as the climate there was  a lot better for my health.

We moved back to our home country in 2013 and we are happy to be reunited again with our family.

Some other of my interests are :

Reading books about fantasy especially LotR, HPotter, Diana Gabaldon and the lot.

I do like the Clancy books as well.

Of course i am interested in history through the centuries from the dawn of manhood over

the "Cesars", up to the events of todays times.

I do manage several languages wich helps me a lot in doing my "deep" searches .

Recently i started to take up on Netflix and Amazon Video,and of course i spend also quite some time on social media networks,such as facebook.

During the Corona/Covid-19 Crisis,i dived into the Gamerworld,and i have not come out since (lol),meaning i don't spend that huge amount of time in Graphics Design anymore,and also the work on my website is limited,sadly the odd days have only

24 hrs.